Nov 9, 2010

Everyday Urbanism | Ted prize winner JR, and Favella painters

JR, is a French photographer, who was awarded the TED prize 2011, some days ago. He begun taking "caricature" pictures of thugs in the french suburbs, which printed them in huge sizes and posted them on walls. At first city officials destroyed the prints, but after some time they decided to "dress" the Paris City Hall with his pictures. This was the 28mm project.

Later he did the same in the Middle East, photographing Israelis and Palestinians and posting them on their separating wall. This was Face 2 face project.

He continued in Africa photographing women and posting them all over their cities, in trains, or in vinyl sheets, placing them over their houses for rainproofing. Tris was Women are heroes project.

"JR owns the biggest art gallery in the world."
In 2006, the Dutch artist duo Haas&Hahn started developing the idea of creating community-driven art interventions in Brazil. Their efforts yielded two murals which were painted in Vila Cruzeiro, Rio's most notorious slum, in collaboration with local youth. The artworks received worldwide coverage and have become points of pride in the community and throughout Rio. The painting is funded from donations, and the people of each area participate in the process, after an education program on safety measures.


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